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When someone intervenes on your behalf, by speaking to a decision maker, they are called an advocate. At Muscular Dystrophy UK, we call the service that does this our Advocacy service.

Our Advocacy service is here to help anyone with a muscle-wasting condition who is having difficulties getting the care and support, services, benefits and equipment they are entitled to.

If you are struggling to access services, we can help by providing advice or intervening on your behalf.  Remember, early intervention is important so get in touch with us as soon as you receive a decision you aren’t happy with. The sooner you contact us, the quicker we will be able to help.

Our friendly Advocacy Officers can support you to access a variety of services, some of which are outlined below.  Please call the team to find out how we can help.

You can get in touch with us by calling our Freephone helpline on 08006526352 or by emailing us on

Disability Welfare Benefits

Many individuals are eligible to receive a number of benefits.  Our Advocacy Officers can talk you through how to apply and even provide supporting information to help your case.

If you have already applied for a benefit, and you aren’t happy with the decision, we can help you challenge it.


Have you been waiting on the housing register for an accessible house for a long time? Are you in unsuitable housing and would like to discuss your options?

Our Advocacy Officers are here to give you advice and can even liaise with your local housing authority on your behalf.

Housing Adaptations

If you need advice on who to talk to get the adaptations you’re entitled to our Advocacy Officers can help.

If you have already applied for adaptations, for example through a Disabled Facilities Grant and there’s something you’re not happy with our Advocacy Officers can liaise with your local council to try and change their decision.


Whether your child is in school or you are going to University our Advocacy service can help make sure you are getting the right support.

We can provide supporting information about your muscle-wasting condition and can liaise with educational organisations.

Care Packages

If you need support around the house or with personal care you may be entitled to a care package. We can talk you through how to apply for this.

If you have already applied and have had a decision you aren’t happy with, we can liaise with Social Services and the NHS to challenge it.


If you have had a decision from Wheelchair Services that you aren’t happy with our Advocacy Officers can help challenge it.

If you need legal advice

Although our Advocacy Officers know what you are entitled to, they aren’t legal advisors. There are a few organisations that can give you free legal advice. A couple of them are:

Citizens Advice Bureau

Disability Law Service

Equality Advisory Service

These organisations will let you know if you need legal support and, if you do, you may be entitled to free legal aid – find out more online.

However, if you are not eligible for legal aid, we also work with two globally renowned law firms. Hogan Lovells and Anderson Strathern take on some cases for us on a pro bono basis.  Contact the Advocacy service to find out if Hogan Lovells and Anderson Strathern can help.


Our Advocacy service is here to help so please contact the team if you need advice or support on getting the services you are entitled to.