Distance aware badges

Submitted by e.smith.bodie on Mon, 06/28/2021 - 16:19
Printable badges to display when coming out of shielding and lockdown.

To make the public aware of the need to enforce strict social distancing MDUK is making available four badge designs that people can use when going outside to encourage others to stay back.

One of our four designs utilises the Bevan Commission’s ‘Distance Aware’ work in Wales – this is a simple yellow shield that emphasises the 2m social distance that needs to be followed.

The other three are designs created by MDUK supporters. Two are specifically designed for children coming out of shielding, and the other is for adults.

The use of these badges is entirely optional. You can download the PDF to print off to put in a lanyard case, or an A4 size in portrait or landscape if you want to attach it somewhere like a wheelchair.

The UK Government has also published social distancing cards and badges to download.

Bevan Commission ‘Distance Aware’ badge

A6 lanyard case size

A4 portrait

A4 landscape

Children’s badges

Design 1 – A6 lanyard case size

Design 2 – A6 lanyard case size

Design 1 – A4 portrait

Design 2 – A4 portrait

Design 1 – A4 landscape

Design 2 – A4 landscape

Adult badge

A6 lanyard case size

A4 portrait

A4 landscape


If you need a lanyard to hold your Distance Aware badge, you can get an MDUK orange lanyard from our shop.