Support Group Chair

Our Muscle Groups and support groups bring together those living with muscle-wasting conditions. They're a chance to share key information and advice, join forces on campaigning and importantly, to socialise! Our chairs are friendly community leaders who chair meetings and help to shape the agenda of each session.

MDUK’s Muscle Groups and other support groups reach people throughout the UK. We believe it's important that the sessions are shaped by people who understand neuromuscular conditions and have lived experience. Support group chairs help to provide this by giving their input to the agenda, speakers and organisation of meetings.

Why volunteer?
You’ll get the opportunity become a community leader, develop organisational and presentation skills leading a warm and friendly group, and meet lots of great like-minded people.

As Support Group Chair, you will:

  • Chair group meetings and shape each meeting’s agenda in discussion with MDUK staff.
  • Support MDUK staff to publicise group meetings though local connections, encouraging new people with the condition to attend.
  • Discuss with MDUK staff about attracting a range of speakers for these regional meetings.
  • Develop relationships with health and social care professionals in the region, working closely with MDUK staff to increase the number of people with the condition known to the charity.
  • Providing a platform for the group to follow up actions from meetings to ensure that local services for our patient group are protected and improved.

Time Commitment
We usually have 3 meetings per year in each region. 

What we're looking for in a Support Group Chair
You’ll be a strong communicator, a good listener, reliable and organised. You’ll have a broad understanding of muscle-wasting conditions and the work of Muscular Dystrophy UK and you’ll be able to run meetings in a positive and professional manner. We usually ask that our Muscle Group/Support Group chairs have prior experience of MDUK's muscle groups. 

Please note, we are recruiting Muscle Group chairs in the following regions:

  • East Midlands 
  • East of England 
  • Hampshire / Dorset
  • North East 
  • London
  • North West
  • South West
  • Wales

Our Muscle Groups are currently taking place virtually. 

If you'd like to find out more about muscle groups or explore the possibility of setting up a support group in your area, please email our Volunteering team