Peer Support Volunteer

Want to help others affected by a muscle-wasting condition? Our Peer Support volunteers offer a friendly ear to people looking to chat to someone who can relate to how they're feeling.

Peer Support volunteers provide one-to-one support to other people experiencing a neuromuscular condition. We match up those seeking support with a volunteer who has had similar experiences, and our volunteers then provide emotional support and advice over the phone or email. 

Why volunteer?
You’ll meet and speak to like-minded people with similar experiences, and you'll get the chance to share your valuable knowledge and experiences. 

As a Peer Support volunteer, you will:

  • make calls or send emails to people wanting to get in touch
  • respond to people within an agreed timeframe (usually within 72 hours)
  • keep a note of communication and interaction with those you are supporting 
  • check in with a member of the MDUK Care and Support team to update on the support that has been given
  • attend occasional local support group meetings if able to, in order to meet up with individuals face-to-face

Time commitment
Usually a maximum of 2 hours per month. How often you will be called upon to offer support will vary significantly depending on what requests for support we receive. 

What we're looking for 

People with first-hand experience of muscle-wasting conditions, whether you have a neuromuscular condition yourself or someone close to you has. We're currently underrepresented in the following and would welcome volunteers with experience with the following conditions:

  • IBM
  • Myotonic dystrophy
  • Paramyotonia congenita

We're also looking for volunteers who are parents of a child (under 18) with Becker muscular dystrophy. 

Our peer support volunteers have the ability to empathise and show understanding, good communication and listening skills, and they are all motivated by helping others. 

Please download our role description for more information.